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All of your events planning and music request can be made starting on this page. By utilizing our online client area, we make planning for your day a breeze! Reading the simple guide below is highly recommended and it is a great way to get started.

VERY IMPORTANT: There are (2) separate programs you will be working on, your Event Planner and your Music Request List. Please read the description for the Event form below. You can learn how to access and start using this program.

What is the Event Planner?

The Event Planner is where you go to fill out the pertinent details that relate to your wedding reception, corporate party of private affair. This is the form that educates Delaware Valley DJs on what dress attire you want them to wear, what formal dances you plan to have, and what special events you want to do and not do. If you are utilizing our planner for your wedding, You will also use your plaaner to list all members in your wedding party, music selection for certain events of the night and etc.

Detailed notes on any additional announcements or dedications that you may want your DJ to make can be written in your planner also. You will get to choose a dinner music category or make a custom dinner music list, inform us on expected timing and much more. The form is self-explanatory, and once you start to use it, you will find it to be very helpful and as well as a very user friendly tool that will guide you to organizing your perfectly planned reception. Just do not forget to always save your planner as you go along. You will have access to these forms 24/7 and is all accessible through our facebook page and your mobile phone’s web browser.

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